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The ASEPTOPRINT® Liquid soaking tray is used for the manual immersion disinfection and cleaning of dental impressions. The third generation soaking tray offers more benefits and features than any other soaking tray currently available on the market. The improved soaking tray not only comes with a hinged lid but also with an embedded stainless steel metal plate for attaching a timer. More importantly, the soaking tray simplifies the preparation of the disinfecting solution. It features unique volume markings on the inner sieve that are easily visible from the top.


Your Benefits

  • 1-litre capacity
  • Requires minimal space 
    The compact design of the soaking tray with its hinged lid requires minimal space in your instrument processing room.
  • Simple application 
    Volumes are indicated on the lid for easy dosing of disinfectant concentrates.
  • Effective spectrum and exposure time are indicated on the lid
  • Recessed metal plate in lid perfect for fitting a timer
  • Removable strainer for easy rinsing
  • Suitable for use in ultrasonic cleaning devices 
    The cleansing power of the product can be further increased using an ultrasonic cleaning device.


Packing Contents


Item CodeASEPTOPRINT®  Liquid Soaking Tray
CH-0910771 litre, 1 piece

ASEPTOPRINT® Liquid Soaking Tray

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