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Light cured adhesive, with fluorescence, for fixing Brackets

BIOFIX Light Curing is a special agent of orthodontic contact to plastic, metal and ceramic brackets fixation on enamel;
BIOFIX Light Curing releases Fluoride to protect against decalcification on the bracket fixation area.



1 syringe with 2,5g of BIOFIX Light Curing;
1 syringe with 3g of Attaque Gel (37% ortho-phosphoric.



  • Versatility: ceramic, metal, orthodontic brackets fixation;
  • Light Curing: work time control;
  • Time economy: not necessary to use adhesive;
  • Fluor presence: acts preventing decalcification;
  • Great consistence: brackets do not move after placed;
  • Great adhesively to the dental enamel;
  • Easy handling and application.

Biofix (Bracket Fixing Adhesive)

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