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Glass Ionomer Cement for LINING – A3

Glass ionomer is a very important material in the current and modern Odontology, mainly because its adhesion property and fluorine release. Such properties guarantee an excellent cavity sealing and decay prevention. Easy to manipulate. Excellent aesthetics and mechanical properties. Used in reconstruction of prosthetic pieces only in elements with more than 50% of dental structure. Fluor release garantee an anticariogenic action. Continuous recharged of Fluor considering its bucal absorption. It allows both the remineralization of adjacent tissues and the recovery of rigidity of cusps without dentin support. Chemical adhesion to dental structures through its link with Calcium ions. Higher adhesion to the enamel than the dentin. Similar thermal expansion and contraction to dentin, having no post-operating sensitivity. High adhesivity material having no need of additional retentions. Biocompatible and hydrophilic material. It is the most compatibility material to our dental structure. In spite of initial cement acidity, Calcium Hydroxide based cement is recommended for deep cavities. Fluor contributes to reduce material pH. Radiopaque material and the high adhesivity to the dental structure avoid marginal leakage.



1 flask with 10g of BIOGLASS F Powder;
1 flask with 13mL of BIOGLASS F Liquid;
1 measuring spoon (WHITE).



  • Fluorine release;
  • Continuous refill of fluoride;
  • Good adhesion to the enamel and dentin;
  • Absence of pos-operatory sensitivity (thermal expansion and contraction like of the teeth);
  • Ideal setting time.

Bioglass F (Lightcure Glass Ionomer Cement)

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