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Softone is a resilient acrylic denture tissue conditioner and functional impression material that conditions, massages, and rehabilitates damaged tissue.
Softone’s unique flow and natural give stimulate the natural healing process and restore tissue to a sound physiological state
Softone has a clean, refreshing taste that will not absorb odors for greater patient comfort and compliance.
Softone allows the denture to stay in the mouth throughout the treatment process.
For patients requiring a temporary soft reline or prolonged adjustment period before the permanent hard reline, use Bosworth Trusoft.
Instruction for use:
Mixing Ratio = 6.8 ml (1 glass vial) to 9.0 g (1 plastic vial) of powder.
Tips: Upper and lower arches can be treated at the same appointment as long as the dentist treats each denture separately.
Softone will trim easier if using a heated knife to seal material and reduce peeling.
Softone reline may be cleaned by rinsing with a mild, alcohol-free cleaner or by brushing with a soft toothbrush and a mild non-abrasive toothpaste.
Polishing may be expedited by first chilling denture in refrigerator or ice water.
Softone is a temporary impression material formulated to last up to 4 days in the mouth.
Recommended for use with TAC™
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Standard Kit – White : 3 Oz (85 Gm) Powder + 4 oz (118 ml) Liquid
Made in USA

Bosworth Softone™ (Tissue Conditioner)

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