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Pulper Capeador

CALCIUM HYDROXIDE is one of the most important actives to induce the formation of a restorative dentin, with essential properties for materials that act on dentin procedures. These properties are: 
a) Allow the increase of calcification of the pre-existing dentin layer, as the pulp protections are subjected to lesions; 
b) Avoid that the procedure or material used causes irritation to adjacent structures. 
Endodontics is used as an intracanal material, being the antimicrobial potent (bactericidal), possessing excellent histocompatibility and stimulation of the host tissue, favoring the tissue conservation (through tissue enzymatic protection, generating mineralizing effect).



1 bottle with 10g CALCIUM HYDROXIDE PA



  • It has the property of stimulating the formation of sclerosing and repairing dentin;
  • Protects the pulp against thermoelectric stimuli;
  • Protects the pulp from the action of toxic agents from some restorative materials;
  • Microorganisms can not develop in direct contact with CALCIUM HYDROXIDE;
  • The product can work for several days. Long-term CALCIUM HYDROXIDE dressings have shown the reversal of several periapical changes;
  • Causes inhibition of bacterial proliferation;
  • It may deprive the residual microorganisms of their nutrient supply by preventing the penetration of the exudate into the root canal system;
  • PH 12.4, highly alkaline, may favor bacterial killing;
  • High purity guaranteed by the best raw material manufacturers on the market and our constant laboratory evaluation of the product.

Calcium Hydroxide PA (Calcium Hydroxide Powder)

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