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Eugenol free impression paste.


  • individual tray technique for edentulous jaws and rebasing of a prothesis


  • blue and white paste with a fine structure
  • homogenous paste within 30 seconds mixing
  • low viscosity for an accurate impression
  • flows under light pressure
  • naturally pleasant odor


Package Contents: 140gm x 60 g


Introduction Cavex Outline Impression Paste Eugenol Free is intended for making accurate impressions of soft tissues, in particular the second impression with the individual tray technique for the edentulous mouth, and for rebasing of dentures. Cavex Outline is presented as a two-paste system: a white paste, containing metallic oxides (such as zinc and magnesium) as the base component and a blue paste, containing fatty acid as the reactive component. Upon mixing homogeneously (controlled by a uniform blue colour), a very smooth paste with a soft consistency is formed, that easily flows under light pressure: an important characteristic for an impression paste to be used on soft tissues in the mouth. Through a reaction between the metallic oxides and fatty acid, a chelate-network is formed, that makes the paste harden. The resulting impression is stable and non-sticky. It shows little or no elasticity so that any undercuts present have to be blocked out first. Due to its smooth consistency and the fine structure of the fillers, Cavex Outline shows a very good detail reproduction, even on soft tissues in the mouth. Cavex Outline is free of eugenol and therefore highly patient-friendly. Cavex Outline is in full compliance with the ANSI MD156-16 (1975) Standard. Cavex Outline is developed and manufactured by Cavex Holland B.V. of Haarlem, The Netherlands, a Company that is certified according to the provisions of the Council Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning Medical Devices, against ISO 9001 and EN 13485. Cavex Outline bears the CE marking of conformity. Composition The basic composition of Cavex Outline is as follows: The white paste metallic oxides : app. 80 % vegetable oil : app. 20 % The dark blue paste fatty acid : app. 69 % fillers : app. 21 % natural waxes : app. 3 % organic acid : app. 6 % pigment : < 1 %

Cavex Outline (Impression Paste Eugenol Free)

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