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Cervical Matrix Instrument TDV

Transparent matrix for Class V procedures



Cervical Matrix is a device used for modelling composites in Class V procedures. With its five different shell shapes, sizes and flexibility, the matrices adapt at  the cervical region of  tooth when compressed onto it, leading to optimal  anatomy restorations and reduced finishing time. Its transparency allows both visualization and polymerisation of the resin.


Note: Instruments are Autoclavable



Select among the five available sizes the one which better adjusts to the tooth to be restored. Adjust the matrix to the handle. If the cavity has a subgingival extension, promote the gingival retraction.Insert the last layer of composite. Compress the matrix against the tooth forcing the composite to flow to incisal / occlusal region. Holding the instrument remove the excesses from the edges of the matrix and polymerize per 10 seconds through the matrix. Remove the matrix and complete the polymerization according to the recommendations of the manufacturer of the composite.


Physical principle of operation:

Its shape and flexibility allows adjustment to the cervical region of the tooth when compressed onto it, resulting to optimal anatomical restorations. Its transparency allows both visualization and polymerisation of the composite.


Ordering Information:

  • 2 instruments + 10 matrixes assorted for cosmetic dentistry
  • Refill small x 20 units
  • Refill medium x 20 units


Note: Only Instruments are autoclavable

Cervical Matrix Kit (Transparent matrix for Class V procedures)

₨13,400.00 Regular Price
₨11,390.00Sale Price
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