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130g Dental Prophy Mate Air jet Polisher Prophy Powder Cleaning Powder GL


The sand is made of a special sandblasted tooth powder, mainly composed of sodium bicarbonate powder.
Be used to remove dental plaque and pigment by spraying the head of the sandblasting head on the tooth surface.
Suitable for cleaning the dental plaque and pigment spot in the tooth space which is not easy to reach by ultrasonic cleaning machine.
The cleaning efficiency of the tooth surface pigment is much higher than that of ultrasonic cleaning machine.
Sandblasting can not only polish the outside of the teeth, but also can polish the teeth between the teeth.
Dental plaque and pigment are not easy to adhere to after polishing.

Item Type: Dental Cleaning Powder
Material: Sodium Bicarbonate 
Quantity: 1pc
Optional Types: Mint, Lemon, Strawberry
Net Weight: Approx.130g

Package List:
1 x Dental Cleaning Powder

Cleaning Powder for Prophy Unit

Available Flavors
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