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UNIVERSAL is a light cure nano-hybrid composite formulated with a special blend of micro- and nano-fillers producing a superior restorative. The highest aesthetic results have been achieved through the development of a sophisticated method for the integration of the nanoparticles in the resin matrix. These nanoparticles, with an average particle size of 20um, assist in a quick polish after placement as well as ultralow wear.

UNIVERSAL is characterized by its ease in sculpting with no slumping. Its low polymerization shrinkage, due to high loading and particle size blending, yields high marginal integrity minimizing post operative sensitivity and eliminating micro leakage. Its high flexural strength value results in outstanding resistance to edge fracture.



Anterior and posterior restorations Class I - V restorations Direct veneers


1) Excellent handling characteristics 
2) Excellent sculptability 
3) Low shrinkage
4) Very good marginal adaptation 
5) Extremely high polishability 
6) High resistance to wear 
7) Superior aesthetics 
8) Strongly radioopaque and fluoride Non-sticky 


UNIVERSAL Is a light cure nano-hybrid composite of 5 SYRINGES per KIT.  
Kit include: UNIVERSAL 4g x 5, Etching gel 3ml, Single bonding 3ml, brush holder, brush tips, syringe tips & mixing wells

Shades: A1- A2-A3-A3.5 

Dentex Composite Kit

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