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Disposable MTA Carriers by Vista-Dental, a Market Leader from USA for Endodontic Irrigation Solutions and related Material

Contains one Disposable MTA Carrier



For a broad range of applications from internal perforation repairs to root end fillings

For one-time use (autoclave before 1st use)

Delivers MTA directly to the apex of the canal

Eliminates the time-consuming cleanup and cost associated with other metal carriers

Bendable cannula


Available in 3 Sizes:

0.80mm (Purple)

0.99mm (Orange)

1.60mm (Green)

This Product comes in Box of 3 Individually Wrapped MTA Carriers but is sold as an Individual Piece for the convenience of the Customer. Price Mention on this page is for that of 1 Carrier

This MTA Carrier does not come with Pre-Filled MTA

Disposable MTA Carriers

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