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5th Generation Apex Locator by DTE

DTE is a Woodpecker Company



Accurate Measurement:

Measurement Accuracy of 97.71 %”

Eliminates Interference.

Inherit Multi-Frequency apex Positioning Tecnologyand DPS Data Processing System ensures Accurate Measurement even when there are residual Pulp and Blood in the Root Canal ”
“New Digital Circuit

Information Processing Speed is increased by 17%”
Made with High Precision Japanese Components
High-Resolution Signals without Distortion
Automatic Calibration during 0.5s Booting
“Apical Stop Setting

Activate Apical Stop Alarm Function
Apical Line can be Adjusted freely according to Clinical Needs

24 National Patents in PRC

8 Invention Patents

DPEX V (Apex Locator)

  • Price updated: 30-June-2022

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