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Zinc oxide eugenol-based root canal sealer



Powder contains: zinc oxide, calcium phosphate, zirconium dioxide, thymol iodide, dexamethasone (0.01 %), hydrocortisone acetate (1.00 %), plasticizer
Liquid contains: eugenol, modified by additives



  • Sealing material EUGETIN is produced as a kit of powder and liquid. Material belongs to zinc-oxide-eugenol based class of materials.
  • Calcium phosphate stimulates bone regeneration. Thymol iodide is a strong antiseptic material with prolonged effect. Dexamethasone and hydrocortisone — significantly reduce periapical pain. Plasticizer allows to make a plastic paste during mixing of powder and liquid.
  • Liquid contains eugenol, modified with polymeric material, which ensures sealer non- shrinkage after its hardening and insolubility in distilled water at the temperature of 37 °C (solubility is 0.15 %).
  • The thickness of film is 3–5 μm, what allows antiseptic to penetrate in microtubules and root canals furcations. Paste can be used for filling with gutta-percha points. Eugenol, slightly melt the surface of gutta-percha points, stick them together thus allowing to fill the canal thoroughly and isolate it from microorganisms.
  • Paste, made from kit EUGETIN, do not lose its plasticity on mixing pad within 5–6 hours and hardens in oral cavity (in 37 °C) within 24–48 hours. If needed material can be easily extracted from root canal.



  • Dental material EUGETIN is used for sealing of tooth root canals in treatment of pulpitis and all forms of periodontitis. It is recommended to use the sealer in combination with gutta-percha points.



  • Drug idiosyncrasy
  • Do not misuse
  • Use with great care with patients allergic to eugenol, iodine and corticosteroids



As far as all terms of storing, transporting and application are observed, there are no side effects



  • Attention! It is recommended to store material at room temperature (22–24) °C within 1–2 hours before use.
  • Warning! It is important to use isolating luting when filling canals with eugenol based material (eugenol damages composite material structuring)
  • Sealer EUGETIN should be mixed at the temperature of (18–23) °C and relative humidity (45–55) %.
  • For filling canals, mix 2 dosage meters (0.16–0.21 g) of powder with 1 drop (0.03 g) of liquid. To get a thick paste add more powder.
  • Fulfill the treatment of root canals with the help of gel or liquid for enlargement, antiseptic liquids and liquid for dehydrating and degreasing (liquids produced by TehnoDent®). Insert paste into treated and dried canal with the help of root needle or root filling instrument. Filling of canal with root filling instrument should be carried out at low speed for pushing out the air and sealing material in the canal. Remove the excess material, isolate with luting and make tooth crown restoration.
  • When filling the canal with gutta-percha points, insert the paste into treated canal and compact with points or insert the paste on gutta-percha points.



Store at the temperature from 5 °C to 25 °C Tightly close bottle immediately after use Do not use after expiry date
Shelf life — 3 years



  • Powder (jar) 14g
  • Liquid (bottle) 10ml
  • Measuring spoon
  • Mixing pad

    Eugetin (For Filling of Root Canals)

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