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Hybrid Composite made of Particles with high load and reinforced with Nano Particles

Fill Magic is Radiopaque and Light Cured

Available in Dentine and Enamel Shades

Incisal Shade is also available

The Natural Opacity of Dentine is reproduced with Dentine Colors

A Balanced Transluscency of the Enamel Shades mimic Human Enamel

The high load content (approximately 75% by weight) and the varying sizes (0.5 μm on average) produce low curing contraction, sufficient mechanical resistance for masticatory load areas and high polishing and high gloss due to the nanoparticles

FILL MAGIC has universal indication, as it balances resistance and esthetics in direct and indirect restorations.

Sculpting with FILL MAGIC is easy, as the resin is not sticky and stays in position in the cavity desired by the professional

It is also not so sensitive to light from the reflector during handling

FILL MAGIC has evolved in recent years with the addition of nano-sized loads to the current composition in order to improve all of the mechanical properties, especially handling and thefinal esthetics of the restoration

Fill Magic – Universal Hybrid Composite



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