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Flucol Solution (Septodont)



•Prevention of dental caries

•Treatment of hyper aesthesia of dentine


Features & Benefits:

•The power of fluoride to prevent dental caries , which is now well demonstrated by various scientific works

•Sodium Flouride is at least as active as the fluorides of heavy metals (tin for example). Flucol has all the specific fluoride activities.

•Its inhibiting action on microbial growth considerably reduces the film of flora on the dental crown

•This reaction is doubles by the acion of fluoride on the enamel, which involves a transformation of its crystalline structure and an increase, as far as sensitivity is concerned of its resistance to chemical attack.

•This action is equally effective in the presence of dentine and cementum.


Directions for Use ( Flucol Solution)


1, Prevention of dental caries:

Remove all tartar.

•Isolate teeth with cotton wool rolls and dry the surfaces to be treated with warm air, particularly the occlusal and proximal areas. 

•Apply FLUOCAL several times for a period of seven or eight minutes using a narrow strip of cotton wool impregnated with the material.

•Leave the band in place for at least three minutes, keeping it in place with cotton wool rolls. Introduce FLUOCAL between the teeth using an explorer.

•After treatment remove bands and rolls, and ask the patient to rinse his mouth several times very carefully.

•Renew this treatment every three months.


2, Dental hypersensitivity:

•Protecting it from saliva, dry the tooth to be treated.

•Take a pledget of cotton wool soaked in FLUOCAL and apply it for a minute to the affected part. Rinse the mouth. Repeat two or three times.


Ordering Information:

- Bottle of 13ml

Flucol Solution

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