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Hemocollagene (Septodont)

Haemostatic sponge with collagen of bovin origin



• Local haemostasis after dental surgical procedures.


Features & Benefits:

• Individually blister-packed sterile sponges. 

• With collagen of bovin origin to help promote local haemostasis. 

• Totally resorbable to help natural regeneration of tissues. 

• Sponge size adapted for actual needs in dentistry.


Directions for Use:

• Before placing a Hémocollagène sponge, clean the socket thoroughly so as to remove all debris and especially tooth fragments.

• Dry the wound and then apply the dry Hémocollagène sponge, with or without compression, depending on the degree of bleeding.

• If necessary, the Hémocollagène sponge can be held in place by horizontal crossstitching over the socket.

• Complete resorption will be achieved.


Ordering Information:

Box of 24 Sponges


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