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Light Curing Resin Based Dental Restorative Material

MASTER FILL is a high density composite, for posterior and anterior teeth restoration. Light curing material.
Its formulation contains inorganic particles varying between 0,04 and 2,2 µm.
It presents a total inorganic filler volume of 79%.
MASTER FILL presents fluorescence properties, excellent finishing, polishing and mechanics properties, allowing its use at anterior restorations, veneers and occlusal surfaces.
Setting time of 40 ± 10 seconds, if using a 400 MW curing light (The indicated light curing range is 16 Joules).



1 syringe with 4g of MASTER FILL, available in shades: A1-A2-A3-A3,5-A4-B0,5-B1-B2-B3-C1-C2-C3-C4-D3-INCISAL-OA2-OA3-OB2



  • Great variety of colors;
  • Great consistency;
  • Good marginal integrity and higher restoration durability;
  • Presents excellent properties of finishing and polishing;
  • Presents great mechanicals properties;
  • Color stability;
  • Fluorescence;
  • Use versatility.

Use Instructions

Master Fill Hybrid Composite

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