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Matrices Kit TDV

Matrices Kit for esthetic and restorative procedures



The TDV Matrix Kit joins a selection of materials specifically indicated for esthetic and restorative odontological works.



UNIMATRIX: The use of Unimatrix dispenses the use of the conventional matrix holder since the Unimatrix fixing clamp will stabilize the matrix and hold it in the correct position. The silicone protectors, in the extremity of the rings, provides a better adaptation of the matrices. The clamp must be positioned using the Unimatrix pliers or the clamp holding pincers used for an absolute insulation. The sectional matrix must be positioned into the interproximal space with its clipped extremity turned towards the gingival region and adapting it a little below the gingival groove. When the restoration is finished, at first remove the clamp, then the wedge, and finally the matrix.


MATRICES: The matrix adaptation with a fixing ring is achieved by compressing the ring. The matrix is introduced with the clipped part turned toward the cervical. The now flattened ring extremity can be bent aside. If necessary, the matrix shape may be retouched with the aid of a burnisher or an exploratory probe. After finishing the work, the fixing system extremity is cut off in order to extract the matrix without damaging the restoration.



TDV Elastic Wedges are indicated for general use in restorative procedures, with the mechanical function of adapting matrices and/or separating adjacent teeth. Select the appropriate elastic wedge for the procedure. 1-Fit the wedge to the clamp-holder forceps by its 2 larger holes; 2-Stretch the wedge until its central part reaches a sufficient thickness to allow its sliding between the teeth; 3-Place the elastic wedge into the interdental gap and disjoint the forceps; 4-After concluding the procedure, pull the wedge by one of its extremities and cut it by  its central part; Remove the remaining parts from the patient's mouth.


Ordering Information:

Matrices Kit Contents:

Unimatrix sectional matrices assorted x (25)

Unimatrix Ring x (2)

Unimatrix Silicone Tubes x (8)

Matrices with incorporated fixing system for molar and premolar in polyester and steel x (40)

Assorted Elastic Wedges x (30)

Matrices Kit (Matrices Kit for esthetic and restorative procedures)

₨15,000.00 Regular Price
₨12,750.00Sale Price
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