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Intraoral Image Sensor (Korea)

Unique Features of the QuickRay USB Sensor

Image Quality

● Less Graininess

Cleanest image on the market

● Industry

Leading Contrast Resolution – Best at the penny test

● Industry

Leading Spatial Resolution-19 micron pixel size

Patient Comfort

● Rounded corners

6.0mm radius of corner curvature

● Thin Sensor Plate

5.4mm thick [ less than 1/4”]

● Low Profile Button


Designed for Durability

● Thinner Cord

Direct USB from sensor plate to computer

● Sturdier Cord Jacket

Fewer wires enables greater protection

● Protected Against Fluids/Contaminants

Sealed cord / sensor junction

● Safer Vertical Bitewings

Robust, Bonded strain relief

● Repair Option

Cord Serviceability

Ergonomic Design

● Broad Range of Acceptable Exposure

Superior electronic gran control

● Snag-Resistant Cord

No interface box or cord bulge

● Easy Cabling

USB cord can be extended dozens of feet

● Standard holder Systems

Duphamed, Rinn, TrollByte, and others

● Easier Cleaning

Immersible in glutaraldehyde and other disinfectants

Fast response rate


Made in Korea

Remedi Intraoral Image Sensor (Korea)

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