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Travlin® enamel and dentine etching gel

Contains orthophosphoric acid (37%) and gelling agent. The consistency of the gel allows it to be applied pointwise without leakage. A dye of a contrasting color ensures the accuracy of applying the gel to the hard tissues of the tooth.


When the gel is applied to the enamel after 15–30 s, the surface acquires a matte chalky shade, which is a sign of the formation of microroughness, which increases the adhesive force of the restoration material to the enamel.


When the gel is applied to dentin, phosphoric acid forms acid phosphates with calcium of the dentin and the smear layer, which helps to remove the smear layer, open the dentinal tubules and transform the surface, providing high adhesion of the restorative material to the enamel and dentin.


For enamel and dentin, the total etching time is 30–45 s.



Etching of enamel and dentine used in acid etching technology



  • Contrasting gel color for application control
  • Optimal consistency for spot application
  • Fast smear layer removal
  • Easily and completely rinsed off with a water-air jet
  • Ease of use



  • Syringe (5 ml)
  • Replaceable nozzles
  • Instruction



Vococid - VOCO, Germany

TRAVLIN® etching gel for enamel and dentine

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