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ULTRA X Cordless Ultrasonic activator

Gives you different experience in root canal activating


▪ Frequency:45Khz

▪ Variable frequency control, self adjusting frequency in treatment

▪ 2 range working power

▪ Only 95g, Light in weight

▪ Powerful battery:1500mAh,4.5 hours continuous operation

▪ Option to direct plug-in charging wire when zero power

 Tips sizes:

  • Blue: Length: 18mm, Size: 20/2% and 25/2% (1 each)

  • Silver: Length: 21mm, Size: 20/2% (2 of)

  • Gold: Length: 18mm, Size: 20/2% and 25/2% (1 each)

Packaging: Tips (6pcs), Wrench, Insulating sleeve, Ultra X handpiece, Adapter, Handpiece Base

User Manual

ULTRA X Cordless Ultrasonic Activator

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